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Airsoft Grenades Enhance Your Gameplay – 4 Types of Grenades

Airsoft Sound Grenade cqb

Airsoft Grenades Enhance Your Gameplay – 4 Types of Grenades

In the world of airsoft games or military simulations, airsoft grenades are increasingly popular as a tactical accessory to enrich the experience by adding more realistic values.

It is useful for airsoft enthusiasts to get to know airsoft grenades not just because of the numerous variations available in the marketplace, but it’s existence as an effective tool in CQB (Close-Quarter Battles) such as impeding a raid in the room or distracting your opponents prior to an assault.

Moreover, it is making the game even more intense and fun. By utilizing airsoft grenades properly and strategically, you will be given a distinct tactical advantage over fierce competition.

Types of Airsoft Grenades

There are several types of airsoft grenades on the market which work in different mechanisms. Consequently, these differences produce a variety of results and hence they are being used to accomplish a range of tactical objectives with sets of applications. In this article, we will cover 4 most commonly used airsoft grenades including:

  • Pyrotechnic Grenades
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Blank Firing Grenades
  • BB Scatter Grenades

You will learn about their main features and triggering mechanisms as well as actionable tips that could be beneficial for your airsoft game participation next time on the field.

With further ado, let’s explore the main streams of airsoft grenades nowadays and understand a bit more about their technical mechanisms:

Pyro Airsoft Grenade

Pyrotechnic Grenades

Pyrotechnic grenades or pyro could be the most common type of airsoft grenades that you will come across. They are single-use grenades and primarily serve the purpose to bring a bright flash or a loud bang to disorient your counterparts’ attention.

Typically pyro grenades house splash powders, or other match-like substances to ignite the fuse. This will be triggered when the grenade’ pin is pulled.

In terms of its application, pyrotechnic grenades are often used by players to escape from difficult spots or to take out a group of people.

Upon its exceptional effectiveness, you need to be aware that this type of grenade does produce a small amount of flash of a real flame when detonated. Therefore, it is crucial that you are using it correctly and inform the other participants on the field with a set of rules to ensure safety.

Due to its unique nature, you need to be 18 or above in most states of America to purchase this type of grenade. In many countries, they have outlawed the restricted use of pyro grenades as it is considered to be dangerous goods or even weapons. Here there is a conversation about it.

Additionally, the ‚Äúhot-burning‚ÄĚ feature of pyro grenades may induce fire risks in dry areas. Having said that, there are some innovative manufacturers in the market who decided to introduce a ‚Äúcool formula‚ÄĚ to mitigate the risks.


Smoke Airsoft Grenade

Smoke Grenades

Alike pyro, smoke grenades are also only for single use. They are popular among airsoft players as unleashing a cloud of smoke could help to either provide a good cover during combats or to confuse the enemies to a great extent. The cloud it releases may sometimes be used to mark locations.

However, there are certain tactical considerations that airsoft players usually take into account. For example, if the smoke is carried by the direction of the wind, you have to be cautious and take note of it; Otherwise, its usefulness would be crippled and you won’t get any protective cover at all.

While smoke grenades are not initially designed to harm enemy combatants, it does not necessarily mean that it’s entirely safe. Smoke grenades work by burning dye to produce thick smoke. Although the fire is normally contained inside the grenades, when it malfunctions especially when you are holding it in your hands, it may result in serious burn injuries.

Concerning the safety of the general public, some countries have forbidden the purchase of smoke grenades and made it illegal to possess and use them. If you would still like them, here are some suggestions.

Breytac Blank kit Airsoft Sound Grenade

Blank Firing Grenades

Airsoft blank-firing grenades deliver a raucous sound bang. It works by using the essence of blanks. Yes! The type of blanks that you see in the Hollywood film production stimulate gunfire.

Blank-firing grenades can use ‚Äúsmall‚ÄĚ pistol cartridge blanks (9mm) and this range goes up to ‚Äúbig‚ÄĚ shotgun 12mm blanks as well. But most countries restrict the use of 12mm blanks and only allow the use of 9mm for safety concerns in relation to the noise volume.

It is considered that the mechanism is close to a real grenade in military operations. It starts with the pin holding the spoon in place, meaning it prompts the lock in place of the delay mechanism. Subsequently, when the timing is tipped, the pin strikes the primer on the blank and activates the gunpowder reaction.

The sound bang is slightly lower volume than a gunshot, but it’s still very loud. If you are one who enjoys clearing the room of the enemy squad all at once, an airsoft sound grenade is a solid choice! On YouTube, you can find some reviews of our solution.

BB Airsoft Grenade

BB Scatter Grenades

BB scatter grenades, also known as BB spray grenades or frag grenades, are designed to scatter a shower of BBs in all directions when detonated. The intention was to replicate the effect of fragmentation grenades used in real combat scenarios.

Typically, BB scatter grenades are powered by CO2 or green gas. Upon detonation, the green ga or CO2 is unleashed from the grenade’s canister and to propel to BBs stored inside out of one or multiple openings of the external shell.

After the detonation, you may reload the grenade for additional uses by filling it up with BBs and green gas or CO2.

Since BB scatter grenades are pushing BBs in all directions, it becomes more than perfect to be used to clear the entire area of hostile occupancy. 

Here is another example of a conversion kit for a Thunder B.


Safety Precautions

Airsoft grenades are fabulous in deeply immersing you in the action and a battle environment fulfilled with pressure and complexity.

Firstly, keep attention on where your teammates are and let them know when you are throwing a grenade, so two people wouldn’t be throwing grenades at the same time and no one enters the blast radius

With grenades, there is a certain temptation for players to wait right until the very perfect moment to throw. You may be able to take out a full room of enemy players behind the door. It would be absolutely an epic story and mega-awesome.

Pyro grenade users may echo this more, as their purchases are generally associated with a small quantity in combination with a relatively high cost.

Having said that, you need to use grenades when you can and be conscious of the time is counting down. It’s just additional stimulation and a tool to be used in battle. Please don’t get yourself too indulged with the dream scenarios where the hardcore of airsoft is to have fun first!

Lastly, our final thoughts would be to encourage you to wear protective eyewear and earbuds for hearing protection. They are great shields to cover your eye and ears from BBs and powder released from the grenades and the huge noise induced by explosions.

Tips for Selecting The Right Airsoft Grenades

Airsoft grenades fundamentally uplift the level of sophistication of airsoft games. So it is useful for you to check out these three pro tips when it comes to cherry-picking the right grenades in airsoft to elevate your tactical excellence.

To select the best airsoft grenade you may need to consider the prices, grenade parameters, and field rules:

  • Check your field rules before purchasing. This reduces the likelihood in getting the wrong grenades that are prohibited to use in your local fields
  • Remember to buy a grenade pouch. Having this accessory allows you quickly draw grenades, and speed means everything in challenging combat scenarios
  • Take full awareness to stay safe. The majority of airsoft grenades are not designed for full-force throws. If you overkill it, it greatly affects your grenade‚Äôs usability, durability, and longevity.
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